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Home Toxins- How to Reduce Your Exposure

There are more than 167 million chemicals that humans are exposed to consistently, unfortunately, less than 1% of these chemicals are tested for toxicity.
According to research there are more than 167 million chemicals that are used on different products and some of them have toxins that are harmful to our health, go through this article to know about some of these toxins and also get information on how you can reduce the exposure.
Phthalates are some of the most common environmental toxins that you are most likely to be exposed to. Phthalates toxins can gain access to your home from different sources. Phthalates cause abnormal developments. This is why it is very important to learn the best possible way that you can be able to reduce this exposure.
Polybrominated Diphenyl Ethers is another harmful toxin. Research has shown that PBDEs exposure causes health complications.
It is important to research before you can purchase new items and especially the expensive items to ensure that they are Polybrominated Diphenyl Ethers free, It is quite stressful if you buy an expensive item that exposed you to toxins and puts your health in danger. Because Polybrominated Diphenyl Ethers can also be found in dust, it is advisable that you dust your home regularly to keep it dust-free.
VOCs are other toxins that you can be exposed toxins in your home. There are more than 400 diverse compounds that are under the VOC category. VOC toxins cause, nose, eye, and also throat irritation. One can develop cancer, get kidney or liver damage. It is important to read labels when buying products to ensure that they are VOC-free however, if it is a must that you bring products that have VOC into your home then you must let them off-gas. If you realize the any of the products that you buy has VOCs toxins then you need to off-gas this is important before you can keep these products inside your home.
We also have Dioxins. The incineration of municipal and commercial waste, burning of coal, oil or wood are some of the processes that can expose you to dioxin toxins. When one is exposed to Dioxin toxins then they can develop different health issues.
Molds are associated with different health issues and you must keep your home free of any molds.

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