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Reasons To Consider Pre K Catholic School In Brookline MA For Your Kids

Are you considering a catholic school education for your children? Are you wondering what most parents choose to send their kids to a Pre K catholic school instead of the public schools? There is no doubt that there are numerous benefits that a parent, as well as the kid, is set to experience when they enroll in a pre-k catholic school.

The catholic schools are designed to provide students with some value-based education which is rooted in the mission of the Catholic church. All the values are usually integrated into all the education programs. The catholic schools and academies usually keep religion as a priority. They have education programs that focus on improving the whole child in body, mind, and soul. Here are some of the best causes why you should enroll your child in a pre-k catholic school in Brookline, MA.e

The number one reason why a parent needs to consider a catholic school for their kids is the fact that the schools have education programs designed to deliver a high level of academic excellence infused with virtues. When you pick a catholic school, the education provided at the centers will work to give the child a solid academic foundation. The schools teach a variety of subjects including Math, English, foreign languages, art, religious and social studies. Some schools also offer an emphasis on particular areas. Research indicates that students at the catholic schools tend to perform better when compared to students in public schools. The catholic schools’ students usually school higher every year in the standardized tests in every subject.

Apart from providing academic excellence, the catholic schools will also offer catholic faith and values to the learners. There isn’t a better way for the catholic students to learn about their faith and also grow close to their faith than learning about the catholic doctrine in the classroom. Apart from learning in classrooms, the learners also get a chance to attend mass weekly as a school, partake in the sacraments, and also daily prayers. There are various liturgical seasons and special activities throughout the year that will also work to deepen the faith of the catholic students such as Stations of the cross, Seder Meals, and Advent celebrations.

The schools have also infused the core values to the education program, and this will aim at ensuring that the students will mature into Christ-like people. The students will learn self-discipline, how to take or accept responsibility for their own actions, and also how to make the right decisions based on the tenets of their faith. Other values include commitment and respect for others. The schools will also encourage the learners to take part in service projects and offer help to others within the community. When you want your kid to grow into a productive, virtuous citizen who is committed to the greater good, consider enrolling them in a catholic school. Learners are bound to benefit from learning in a safe, supportive environment that is Christ-centered.

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