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Five Alarming Signs of Prescription Drugs Abuse
The misuse of prescription medications can result in other severe health issues when not managed in time. You should, therefore, target to discover more on how you can know a person who is abusing prescription drugs. Hence, with this information, you will know when to intervene and help a loved one abusing the prescription drugs. Here are the five things that should alarm you of prescription medicine addiction.

The first symptom is excessive sleepiness. When on prescription drugs many people will complain of exhaustion and sleepiness. You also need to pay attention to physical signs like dropping eyes and dozing during work hours. Thus if you see this sign you should seek more information to aid you to know the close friend is addicted to prescription drugs.

The other thing that should worry you if drug-seeking behavior. When addicted to prescription medicine, a person will look for various ways to get them. For example, such a person may visit many health officers to get prescription drugs. You should be cautious of a person asks for your prescription drugs. Thus, you should be worried as this behavior is an indication of prescription drugs abuse.

The physical appearances may also aid you to know when a person has developed an addiction to prescription medicine. Signs to watch out for are dropping head, pinpoint pupils even in the dark and slurred speech. Hence, should change should caution you that the person may be developing an addiction to prescription drugs.

You should be worried if a person close to you start having secrets as this is one of the signs of misusing prescription medicine. To avoid being noticed of abusing prescription drugs a person may stay away from family and friends. It is also vital you watch out for unwillingness to share information about the usage of the prescription medicine. You should also be worried of a person tends to become defensive when you raise any matter relating to the use of the prescription medicine. Hence, you can know about prescription drugs abuse by paying attention to these signs.

Poor concentration is the final sign of prescription drug abuse. Maybe you notice that a personal struggle to understand and follow work instructions. Such a person will have a hard time focusing on one task until completed. You should also be alarmed if a close friend or relative looks distracted most of the time. Hence, you should use these symptoms are an indication to offer help to this individual.

Hence, the above things will aid you to confirm your suspicions that a relative or friend is struggling with prescription drugs abuse.

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