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Essential Things That Anyone Planning to Purchase Marijuana in California Needs to Know
California is among the most people states in the United States especially in the history marijuana legalization as it was the first one to legalize its use way back in 1996 after which it took some years to also legalize the use of weed for recreational use after the medical one previously. In November 2016, the voters in the state approved Proposition 64 which made the Golden State the fifth state to legalize the recreational use of marijuana. There are however some crucial things that anyone intending to buy marijuana in California should understand and know before doing so for reactional use as give in this article.

First on the list is the age as it plays a crucial role when buying marijuana in California today considering that one must be 21 and above to make a successful purchase of the product. Anyone below 21 years cannot buy, vape or smoke marijuana in addition to consuming any such product. It does not matter whether it is on private property but buying weed for anyone below the legal age is a criminal offense in California.

The amount of marijuana that one has in possession at a time is also a great matter of concern in California. It is wrong to think that making the use of cannabis legal in California means full freedom as the state still has policies in place to eliminate stocking up of the product among its citizens. Anyone that chooses to buy marijuana in California must understand that it is only legal to have 28.5grams of the product at a time which equals to about one ounce. For those that prefer conc marijuana, the legal amount that they can have in their possession is nothing more than 8g if they do not want to be against the law.

It is also illegal to use marijuana in public places and one must think twice before smoking or consuming a marijuana product in a public place which includes sidewalks, parks and out in the open residential as well as commercial areas. It is not just the bar or restaurant that one cannot use their marijuana but also any federal land and break so means that one is going against the law which is something no one wants to risk. Other tips include not driving after using marijuana, not leaving the state with possession of the same and also making purchases from reputable dealers and also using it in private properties that allow the same as well.

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